Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Qbi Card?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Qbi offers Qbi cards as a secondary identification method for guest and/or clients that are waiting and being attended on-site.
A Qbi card is used when there's not enough identity information to generate new tickets. And it is good to mention that these cards are mostly reserved to gather statistics of on-site Qbi installations.

Qbi card considerations:
1) Qbi cards are reusable cards, that are given at ticket creation time and have to be returned to a clerk when that ticket has been marked as serving.
2) A client and/or guest, waiting to be attended, with a Qbi card must wait to be called by a Qbi Monitor and/or clerk.
3) Approximate waiting times for Qbi cards can be misleading and clients and/or guest must remained resilient in place to be called.
4) Qbi cards must not replace Qbi tickets created by mobile applications. In such cases, Think Tie LLC endorses the use of the mobile application to generate new tickets.

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